did you submit that to adventure time confessions? i mean it's got you written all over it.


I’ve just gotta say, I occasionally see something about how English is weird because there’re no eggs in eggplants, or because an alarm can go on and go off at the same time, but I’d always just dismissed that because the way those words are pronounced is completely arbitrary. Think about it- why is it called an eggplant? Why isn’t is called a purple buttpoodle?

I’ll tell you why-

It’s because some guy a loooooong time ago saw that purple thing in the ground and thought, “Eggplant.”

…Or it could be derived from some German word or something. I dunno.

Either way, some dude (or lady. Probably a dude, though, given how gender roles where back around 450 BCE) saw that and thought, “Eggplant.” Or “Ëchplünten,” if you’re still going with that German thing. Regardless of the exact origin, it was, ultimately, up to somebody at some point to think of a completely meaningless string of letters and assign it to this purple whateverthehell.

Unless it goes “bark”, and the word for it is literally “bark”, the words we use to describe literally everything are completely arbitrary.

This is why different languages can exist.

Now, a while back, I was reading a letter from a Japanese student who was learning English.

He wrote, “I enjoy going to parties and watching to movies.”

And at that moment, I thought-


"W… Why don’t we watch TO movies?”

I mean…

We listen to music, we go to places, we talk to people, but we don’t watch to movies or eat to food or smell to flowers.

I dunno, maybe I’m just crazy. Probably that. Probably just crazy. Yeah, that seems right.

Aaaaaanyway, that’s a crazy story about how some Asian kid made me question the basic structure of the English language.

Have you made mods for games other than fallout?

Outside of Fallout, I’ve done Oblivion, Morrowind, Skyrim (but those are pretty much all the same), and custom maps for Warcraft III.

I typically don’t do any custom content for games if it takes any serious effort (at that point, I’d probably just prefer to program something myself), so I stick to games that have established tools for modding.

Not Starcraft 2, though.

God knows that SC2’s editor was put through 24 languages on Google Translate before being translated back and released.

An gun number B

An gun number B

I maded an gun art, but I have no way to get it off my 3DS at this moment, so y’all get a shameless screen-picture.

I maded an gun art, but I have no way to get it off my 3DS at this moment, so y’all get a shameless screen-picture.

why is there a lack of videos. also favorite youtuber?

The lack of videos has two causes to it.

Firstly, my friend was recently kicked out of his house by his family and has been living with me. Naturally, since he sleeps on the couch in my computer room, this has interrupted any regularity my uploading schedule had.

Secondly, I’m currently up in Wisconsin visiting with my family and I completely forgot to mention that up until now.

As for your second question, it’s JonTron.

Jon is my favorite Youtuber.

MLG status arts IRL

MLG status arts IRL

They should seriously fix Beldum and its evolutions.

Its stats are fine, its movepool is fine, but seriously.

It has a catch rate of 3.

Really though.

Guys, I actually beat solitaire.

Guys, I actually beat solitaire.