I just finished watching Gurren Lagann and I am just a wreck right now.

When do you think the next stream will be? Also, I think you already know this, as I've stated it before, but I'm Scottnov, you knew that right?

I’m probably gonna just do them whenever I feel like it, but I can guarantee you that I’ll do one every Wednesday, since I don’t have any classes that day.



Also, yeah. I knew that.

'Kay, it works now.

Here’s the modpack again.

'Kay, nevermind.

I broke everything.

Don’t update the modpack yet.

I officially updated my modpack with all the stuff I added.

Get that here

About to begin 2nd Test Stream
There's a program that's sorta like Hamachi called Evolve. It allows you to Stream if you do a thing. You can probably figure it out if you get it.

I’m probably just going to stick with XSplit since I’m already familiar with it.

The only problem is that XSplit just kills my framerate when I play Minecraft for some reason.

Seriously, I have no idea why.

My CPU usage looks fine, I have more than enough RAM left unused, and I seriously doubt that it uses my graphics card, but it still just kills my framerate.

I go from 60-70 FPS on fullscreen with Sphax 64x and about 50 mods installed to 18-25 FPS.

I’m thinking that it has something to do with saving video locally as I stream, so I’m planning on disabling that, doing another test stream, and seeing how that works out. Especially since XSplit saves the video in .flv format for some reason.

VLC can still play it, though.

VLC can play anything.

All hail VLC.

if you hate feminazis, what ever you do, do not look up "fucknovideogames" that place will make you lose your faith in humanity.

And so, I never did look up FuckNoVideoGames, and my life was far better off for it.

Have you ever played any of the Metal Gear Solid series?

That I have not.


Imagine hating your own characters this much

That’s Family Guy for you.


Imagine hating your own characters this much

That’s Family Guy for you.