Streaming modded Minecraft again because why not

Does anyone know if there’s a store mod for Minecraft 1.6.4?

Y’know, something like a block that you put down, put items in, specify a trade for each item, then other players can trade the requested item and get the posted item as long as its in stock.

So, for instance, you’d put in 30 apples and say that each apple costs 3 gold nuggets. Then, any player can go up, put 3 gold nuggets in, and get an apple out so long as there are enough apples to output.

Yo, It's me again. Is there any chance I can get that updated version of the X/Y sprite Pokemon Team Tracker? I'd like to use it in a nuzlocke race for an Extralife Charity stream I'm doing this weekend, please lemme know ASAP! I'll be sure to credit / plug your channel. and well, if it helps I'll even throw a little but of money at ya via paypal (like $10 or so.)

Alright, here you go-

The file itself is significantly larger because of the animated .gifs

Message me again if you find any bugs.

Yeah, that seems right.

Yeah, that seems right.

Decided to build the Tower from Destiny.
This corner is pretty much all I have done.

Decided to build the Tower from Destiny.

This corner is pretty much all I have done.



Streaming Modded Minecraft

So, they still haven’t fixed this bug.

I don’t really know why, considering that it’s the easiest thing to fix.

I don’t know how the classes for weapons are set up, but I would assume that they’re fairly modular, since they have so many and making unique cases for each one would be a pain. That said, changing the reload animation this uses should be as easy as clicking on a combo box and selecting a different option.

I’m just gonna leave this riiiiiiiiiight here.


Now it’s on my Tumblr forever.

So, another one of my videos got hit by a false copyright claim.

Some group called “JETPAK” is after me this time, and…


Just look-

Activision’s terms of use for their products permits the creation of user generated content such as this video.
However, JETPAK, the entity that has made the claim, is not associated with Activision, Activision Blizzard, or Infinity Ward and has no claim to any visuals within the video whatsoever.
In fact, JETPAK is a Scandinavian express delivery company.
This claim is blatantly fake and was either a mistake or the result of an unknown party abusing YouTube’s copyright claim system.

Definitely the company that owns CoD 4.